Complementary therapies

The Cavendish Centre

The Cavendish Centre is a Sheffield based charitable organisation which has been offering free supportive care to people living with cancer for many years. The MND Care Centre is working in partnership with The South Yorkshire Branch of the MND Association and Cavendish Cancer Care to offer this same form of supportive care, including complementary therapies, to patients with MND and to their main carer and children.

In June 2010 we completed a year long pilot project offering this service to patients and their carers, within the Sheffield catchment area of the Cavendish Centre. This project aimed to gauge patient’s interest in using the service, and asses the possible benefits of complementary therapies for patients with MND and their carers.

The project appears to have shown positive supportive benefits and has been valued by both patients and carers.

How can complementary therapies help?

Many people have found that complementary therapies have been useful in helping to support them during periods of poor health. Complementary Therapies aim to address symptoms of illness and disease and their effects on the physical and emotional aspects of life, through the complete and balanced treatment of the person as a whole.

How can I access complementary therapies?

If you, or the person caring for you, wish to receive support and complementary therapy services from the staff at Cavendish Cancer Care or would like further information, please contact them directly:

+44 114 278 4600
The Cavendish Centre website

This service is provided free of charge and is funded through the South Yorkshire Branch of the MND Association. It offers an individual assessment of needs and concerns, specialist help and support and a range of Complementary Therapies. Although the service is short term, it is available at times of particular difficulty with a waiting time of no more than a few days for the first appointment. This service is available at the Centre premises and home visits can also be arranged for individuals who live within a 10-mile radius of the Sheffield MND care centre.

Will accessing this service affect the care I receive from the MND Care Centre?

Whether you choose to access this service or not, the care you currently receive will not change. This package of care is offered to patients in addition to any mainstream healthcare treatment they are currently receiving.